Our mission

It is our mission to create value for our customers and employees through design and development of differentiating aesthetic and functional solutions, within the scope of projects presented. It is our mission to be a work tool for Engineers and Architects.

Our vision

To reinforce and develop the position we have in the national market where we operate and progressively and sustainably conquer other markets high potential, due to the innovation and differentiating offer of new products and services.

Why us

Teamwork, Individual Development and Appreciation, Integrity, ethics and trust.


Who We Are

Constituted in 1973, continuing the activity carried out on an individual basis by João Timóteo Andrade, who has inherited the workshop set up by his father João de Sousa Andrade, in 1920.
It was at the time of a workshop whose fundamental activity was the assembly and repair of boilers and cookers in fish canning factories.
In 1974, it starts to manufacture aluminium and iron products for civil construction.
In 1994, began work in the new manufacturing facilities, with a covered area of 1.640 m2, where we currently continue to operate in two different sectors, one related to the manufacturing of aluminium products for civil and private construction, another one related to the iron sector, in addition to iron elements also for civil and private construction, services are carried out with existing machinery, for various sectors, namely the salt extraction and refining industry.